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Monday, April 8, 2013

Visit to The Dream Home

Carpentry In Dubai
Last week I attended my friend's house warming party in Dubai and I was awed by the jaw dropping décor. From wall-coverings to curtains, flooring to the furniture designs, every aspect of the furnishings just bowled me over. The exquisite furnishing was totally contemporary and in tandem with modern-day culture. Each room had a different wall paper dubai that complemented the furniture designs nicely. The most striking part of the entire décor was the presence of a high number of colours, which made the place look like an absolute dream. The flooring, including the carpets and the tilling, exemplified a sophisticated look to the house.

My friend received several compliments from almost everyone present for the sheer sense of style their house exuded. Apart from enjoying the party, I made it a point to get a sneak peek in to the outstanding furnishings. The look of each room was a visual treat to the eyes and to my amazement, even the bathrooms had the most stylish walk-in showers with towel & linen supplies that was reminiscent of a top notch hotel. The carpentry in Dubai was commendable as it had a unique style that added to the great looks of their home.

The furnishings made their apartment a dream home that anybody would want to own. I had been planning from a long time to renovate my home too and that visit to my friend's house place accelerated my thought process. So I asked my friend from whom did they get the décor done, that's when I got to know about Dubai-based Top Form Furnishings. Subsequently after reaching home, I contacted Top Form Furnishings and briefed them about how I would want my apartment's décor to be. The next thing I know, I am living in my dream house today. And to my neighbour's envy I own the most beautiful house in the vicinity. For more details visit:http://www.topformme.com/Upholstery.html

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